Sacramental Preparation


Infant baptisms are scheduled at the regular weekend Masses.  Parents and godparents must attend a preparation class and a copy of the child's birth certificate is required.

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First Communion and Confirmation 2023                It’s hard to start thinking about 2023 already, but we have to get started. It’ll be here before you know it! As you know most of our Sacramental Preparation programs are meant to be two years in length. The first year is meant to get our young people engaged in the process and continue the faith formation begun at Baptism and the second year is the more “proximate” preparation for the given sacrament. Normally, we celebrate First Communion with our Second Graders and now we are celebrating Confirmation with our Seventh Graders. In other words, children in First and Sixth Grade should be in Faith Formation the year before. Because of Covid, our schedule has been “out of whack” these last few years. In order to get back on track, we’d like to have our current First and Sixth Graders gather with their parents on May 21st at 12 noon at St. Edward. We will begin the registration process, meet with each of the groups separately (First Communion and Confirmation), and begin the preparation for the sacraments. We will be meeting again on June 18th. These two meetings in the spring of 2022 will “count” as the first year of the programs. Then, this fall, they will be in Year Two of their respective programs. If you have a child who would like to receive one of these sacraments in the coming year, please send us your name, number and email and we will send you an invitation to the gathering in May. Obviously, this applies to all children who are older who have not yet received these sacraments. Give us their information as well.

First Reconciliation and First Communion-

Children who were baptized Catholic and are in the second grade or older may prepare for these life-long sacraments. 

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For young people 7th grade and through high school,  The program meets on Sunday afternoons throughout the school year with Confirmation usually in the Spring.

For adults, the confirmation preparation is given in the RCIA formation. 

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For a marriage at St. Paul the couple must first meet with Father Scott, pastor. He can be reached at St. Edward Parish 206-722-7888.

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To register for or for more information about any of the sacramental preparation programs please contact the parish office. 206-725-2050


    Baptism Guidelines
    Baptism Record Form
    Godparent Affidavit Form

Whole Family Catechesis

    Registration Form (PDF)

Sacramental Preparation- First Reconciliation & First Communion

    Registration Form (PDF)

Confirmation- Registration Closed for this year

   Registration Form (PDF)

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children

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